Hope is never out of reach.
We help patients and their families live again!

Our number one goal at Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Center is to break the addiction cycle through high quality, personalized in-patient care combined with family counseling and effective out-patient treatment. This provides the greatest probability of long-term sobriety and successful life restoration. We want to help patients and their families live again.

With 40 to 60% of patients relapsing after rehabilitation, we encourage all patients and their families to take preemptive measures to break the cycle of addiction. The following chart identifies the many components and schedule of Retreat’s current family and patient services.

Retreat E-Aftercare Solutions
  • Treatment through video conferencing.
    A client meets with his or her counselor by video conference on a computer, tablet or phone. There’s no need to drive to an office and risk being seen by a friend or co-worker—you can meet with your counselor in the comfort of your home or office. Video conferences can be in an individual or group setting.
  • Treatment through text messaging.

    In addition to video conference sessions, clients are scheduled for 15-minute texting sessions. Offering privacy and convenience, these sessions are highly effective. Often, clients share concerns via text that they don’t feel comfortable sharing in person.

  • Crisis texting.

    In addition to scheduled texting sessions, clients can text concerns to a qualified health professional at any time of the day or night. The immediate response can prevent a relapse of addiction behavior and warn of the need for additional sessions. Just having the comfort of knowing help is only a text away provides reassurance and confidence for addiction clients.

Six Simple Steps to Success with Retreat E-Aftercare

1. Complete Intake Paperwork from Welcome Email

Return to eHome Aftercare admin sender

2. Complete M3 Assessment

Login information delivered via email

3. Schedule Individual Counseling Evaluation with eHome counselor

At which time M3 results are discussed

4. Schedule first Group Session
5. Work through educational videos and quizzes, to correspond with group topics
6. Complete second M3 after 6 weeks and 3 months to evaluate progress